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Welcome to the University of Georgia Super Crew Landscape Certificate Course. To earn your certificate, please watch the video and complete the quiz for each module in order to move on to the next. For each quiz you must score a 70% or higher to pass and move on. A slightly different set of questions will be used with each attempt. After a passing score is achieved on all 11 exams you will receive a certificate of completion.


Greg Huber (Training Coordinator) & Bodie Pennisi, PhD. (Extension Landscape Specialist), UGA Center for Urban Agriculture and Department of Horticulture respectively.

The Super Crew series brings professional training to your location at your convenience. It was developed in cooperation with industry leaders and endorsed by professional organizations. 

Getting started:

To begin, log in by clicking the button below.

For each module in the training course you must first watch the video and then complete the quiz questions. Once you have done so, click the Next Lesson button in the bottom right of the screen.

Choose either the English or Spanish version of this course by clicking the corresponding button below to begin:

Capacitación en línea de Super Crew Urban Agriculture (versión en español) Contenido del curso:


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Bodie V. Pennisi

Professor; Area of Interest: Commercial Landscape


Phone: 770-228-7244

The SuperCrew Employee Training Series is supported and endorsed by these professional associations: 

  • Georgia Green Industry Association
  • Georgia Urban Ag Council
  • Professional Grounds Management Society

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