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Plant identification training is perhaps best accomplished with live samples in the presence of a knowledgeable expert.  However, there are many excellent books, videos, publications, and web resources that can be helpful.  

Begin by checking off the plants on the list that you are most familiar with.  

Know the terminology used to describe plant characteristics, this will prove very helpful as you learn tips and tricks to identify plants. (Example, leaves simple, glossy above and glabrous beneath, sessile with yellow margins.)  

As you study and prepare, put your skills to the test using this practice quiz. The quiz will begin by showing you a picture and you must put the corresponding number from your Plant ID list in the box below it. (Example: type the number “4” as the answer for Acer rubrum.) After you have completed the practice quiz you can review your answers and try as many times as you’d like. 


Plant ID Codes for Practice Test (Click to Open)


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