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Welcome to the GCLP study resources!

The content below follows the chapter structure of the printed study manual. After reviewing the materials in your printed study manual, select the module of your choice below. In order to review the supplemental content click on the Study Resource tab. Once you have reviewed the resources, click on Mark Lesson Complete to track your progress and go back to the lesson for the practice quiz. To test your knowledge with the practice quiz click on the Study Questions Chapter to begin the quiz. 

Once you’ve completed the practice quiz, you will be provided with a grade and can review and retry the quiz. Once you have passed the quiz successfully you will be presented with a button that says Click to Continue which will automatically take you to the next chapter. To navigate the chapters click the Previous Lesson and Next Lesson buttons in the bottom left and right corners. You may also return to this course page by clicking Back to the Course. 

You are welcome to leave and come back to this site as you wish to complete the sections. Be sure to Mark this Complete on each of the Study Notes topics to allow the bar at the top to keep track of your personalized progress.

To begin, click the course content below. (Tip: Click “Expand All” to view outline form!)

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